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Day of Wedding Coordination

Our day of wedding coordination package ensures that every detail of your special day is handled flawlessly, from timing to decor placements, allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding day without any stress.


Wedding Event Coordination

Comprehensive planning services that cover every aspect of your event, ensuring a cohesive and beautifully executed wedding celebration from start to finish.

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Custom Event Planning

Get a completely customized planning service that aligns with your vision. Our custom event planners are experts in creating unique experiences tailored to your style and preferences.


Vendor Coordination

Coordination of all vendors, ensuring timely arrivals and that services are delivered as planned, so you can focus on your guests and special moments.


Rehearsal Management

Our wedding event coordinators direct the rehearsal, ensuring everyone knows their roles, and making the ceremony proceed smoothly.


Timeline Management

We meticulously manage the timeline of your wedding day, ensuring that every item on the agenda is addressed on time without rushing or delays.

Why Choose Elopement Wedding Planning?


Personalized Experience

Elopement weddings strip away the extensive guest lists and elaborate settings, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your love and shared experiences. Every aspect of the day is tailored to your personal preferences, ensuring a ceremony that feels authentically you.


Stress-Free Planning

Forget the overwhelming stress of organizing a large wedding. Elopement planning is simpler and more streamlined, requiring fewer decisions but delivering maximum impact. This means you can concentrate on your relationship and enjoy the journey to your big day without the usual chaos and pressure.

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Breathtaking Locations

With an elopement, the world is your oyster. Whether it’s a quiet beach, a scenic mountaintop, or an iconic cityscape, you can choose a location that speaks to your heart. These stunning backdrops not only enhance your wedding day but also provide spectacular photos that last a lifetime.



Elopements can significantly reduce the financial burden of weddings. By minimizing the scale, you can allocate your budget to what truly enhances your day—perhaps a lavish honeymoon, a dream dress, or a gourmet dinner for two.


Intimate and Meaningful

An elopement is intimate by nature, often including just the couple and a select few or no guests at all. This intimacy amplifies the emotional significance of the ceremony.


Flexibility and Freedom

Whether you want to choose a meaningful anniversary or on a whim when the weather is just right, we’ve got you covered here on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, even on days when the rain meets the ocean.


Comprehensive Pre-Wedding Engagement

Our commitment starts six weeks before your wedding day. During this period, our wedding event coordinators dive deep into the details:

  • Planning and Preparation: Engage in two in-depth consultations to thoroughly understand your vision and preferences, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • Continuous Communication: Benefit from unlimited email and phone conversations, allowing us to meticulously fine-tune all aspects of your wedding day logistics.
  • Timeline Creation: Develop a detailed itinerary for your wedding day, from setup to breakdown, ensuring all activities flow smoothly.
  • Layout Design: Craft tailored ceremony and reception layouts that best accommodate your final guest count.

Vendor Coordination

Our team takes proactive steps to ensure all vendors are perfectly aligned with your wedding day expectations:

  • Vendor Liaison: Personally reach out to all vendors, establishing ourselves as your point of contact and ensuring they are familiar with the wedding day timeline.
  • Venue Walkthrough: Conduct a final review of the venue to ensure optimal arrangement of the ceremony and reception spaces.



Rehearsal and Day of Execution With Our Wedding Event Coordinators

We make sure every detail is polished and perfected, both at the rehearsal and on your wedding day:

  • Rehearsal Direction: Manage the wedding rehearsal, providing schedules to the wedding party and ensuring everyone knows their roles.
  • Wedding Day Management: Offer complete coordination services for up to 10 hours on your wedding day, including the management of setup and breakdown processes.
  • Vendor Oversight: Serve as the central point for all vendor communications on your wedding day, supervising setups and addressing any issues that arise.
  • Personal Touches: Arrange personal decor items and ensure all components are ready for the ceremony, including the distribution of floral arrangements and coordinating the timing of key events such as entrances, toasts, and dances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pacific Rim Event Planning offers comprehensive wedding coordination services, including full planning, partial planning, day of wedding planner, destination wedding planning, and custom event design. We assist with venue selection, vendor management, budget planning, timeline creation, and on-the-day execution to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We recommend booking your wedding at least 12 to 18 months in advance, especially if you are planning a wedding during peak season or are interested in popular venues. For shorter engagements, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss available options.

Yes, we specialize in destination weddings across Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and beyond. Our services include finding the perfect location, arranging travel logistics, managing local vendors, and ensuring all legal requirements are met for getting married abroad. We're excited to support destination weddings across Canada and are happy to discuss options, even for destinations in Europe.

Full planning covers all aspects of your wedding from start to finish, including budget management, vendor coordination, event design, and more. Day of wedding coordinator focuses on ensuring everything goes as planned on the wedding day itself, managing the ceremony and reception timeline, and addressing any last-minute issues.

We have a curated list of trusted vendors and venues that match various styles and budgets. We select them based on quality, reliability, and feedback from past clients. We also accommodate specific requests and can vet new vendors and venues as needed.